Podcast 63: Invitation: Jesus' Question That Changes Everything

creation podcast quiet rest retreat sabbath Dec 02, 2018

The nature of Jesus and his grace is in His invitation to us; it is how He approaches us. But what invitation question does He ask to draw us to Him?

A common approach to living the Christian life is to focus on our own faith, our own practices, our own faithfulness. The emphasis in the story of scripture always begins with God—God’s great faithfulness, God’s mighty works, God’s generous grace. Today, we’ll talk about a key question Jesus asks in the gospels
that captures this inviting dynamic.

One of my favorite words lately has been the word “invitation.” It feels good to be invited to a meal or a gathering by someone you like. Or, even better, by someone you admire! There is something very full of grace when someone else takes the first step towards us.

In today’s episode, we are talking about the story of Jesus and Bartimaeus in Mark 10, and how the question Jesus asks that is sheer invitation and changes how we look at grace.


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