Podcast: I Lack Nothing (Inhaling Grace Audiobook, Part 2)

Jun 10, 2019

 Welcome to an Inhaling Grace audiobook episode of the Unhurried Living Podcast. Here are the next three devotionals from Inhaling Grace. May you sense the real presence of God shepherding you as you listen.

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Podcast: Inhaling Grace: 60 Day Unhurried Living Devotional

Oct 08, 2018

Today we look at grace. One of our mentors, Wayne Anderson, often reminded us that we are not
only saved by grace, but we serve by grace, lead by grace, live by grace. In other words, the generous grace of God is not merely a doorway through which we enter this Christian life, but it is the pathway on which we live it.

In this podcast we introduce you to our newest resource, *Inhaling Grace: a 60-Day Unhurried Living Devotional.*

The grace of God is the atmosphere of his kingdom. We live by...

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