Podcast 19: BREATHE - A 6 Minute Retreat

BREATHE is a practice you can engage, for about 6 minutes, at any point in your day. It’s a helpful process of re-focusing and re-engaging. It is similar to another practice I introduced a while back, SLOW.

You can take a moment to breathe and to find some inner stillness in God’s presence. You can quiet your mind and heart for a moment and emerge refreshed and ready to move into your next task or conversation.

It’s very difficult to be truly productive when you feel scattered or hurried. Mini-retreats like this can help you slow down, remember God's care, and bring you back into the moment.

You will find the video version of BREATHE on our YouTube channel. So check it out and be sure to subscribe to our channel while you are there so you can be the first to know when a new video releases.

Now, If you are able, sit in a comfortable chair or simply stand still wherever you are. You can even do this while taking a brief walk. I’ll gently guide you through the steps of BREATHE…

CLICK HERE for a free resource on BREATHE.

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