Podcast 28: The Welcoming Prayer

anxiety emotions podcast prayer stress unhurried living welcoming prayer Dec 27, 2017

The Welcoming Prayer is a process that you can use on the go. It is useful for times when something comes up that makes you feel sad, hurt, or stressed. Sometimes, in the middle of a busy day, we don’t have time to address all of the emotions that come up. But we may notice here and there that an emotion is quite loud. We need a way to deal with it and continue on in our tasks or work.

In just a few minutes, you can let the emotion come up and at the same time become aware of God’s presence. Then you can let it pass, and be on its way. You don’t need to argue with yourself or put up a defense. You can simply let go.

In this minisode, I'll describe the Welcoming Prayer for you and then lead you in the actual prayer. I think you'll enjoy using this prayer in the midst of your day to re-gain a sense of presence and focus.

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The Welcoming Prayer

Once you've listened to the podcast, these prompts can help you continue on in the practice of The Welcoming Prayer.

• Take a couple of deep breaths.
Focus and feel the emotion. Where is the emotion registering in your body?
• Feel the emotion. Picture the ocean wave coming up and passing by. Notice it.
• Say, “Welcome.”
• You aren’t trying to change or control anything. You are acknowledging God’s presence along with your feelings. You are always perfectly safe in the presence of God.
Let go - Now, surrender by saying:
I let go of the desire for security, affection, control and embrace the moment as it is.