Podcast 31: Distractions and Soul Busyness

anxiety busyness distractions podcast slow social media stress unhurried living Jan 21, 2018

Today is number three in a series where we are sharing answers to our survey question: “What is the biggest challenge you face right now in living a more unhurried life?”

This week, we’re talking about “Distractions and Soul Busyness.” Let’s take a look a look at five of the questions that came up within this theme to see if we can find a little more freedom in our everyday lives.

#1 - The internet and social media can eat up my time so quickly. How do I tame the beast?

#2 - How do I say "no" to being busy?

#3 - How do I break long established habits of "busy"?

#4 - I'm bombarded with too much information to process. I make time each morning for prayer and focus on God, but am often too tired to feel alert and to really benefit.

#5 - I want to focus this year on living a less distracted life. How do I do that?

As you’ll see, over the course of our conversation, we can remember that our life is not out there somewhere waiting for us to grab it. My life is right here where I am, right here where God is present.

As a reminder, we have an online course that can help you as you make some space to be in God’s presence. Alan has created 10 meditations on various Psalms. In the course, he’ll guide you into prayer as he reads the Psalm and gives you space to live into what it says.

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