Podcast 64: Discernment-The Benefits of Looking Back

Dec 17, 2018

This week we "examen" our lives this past year.  This practice of looking back is discernment and can offer great insight into what might be next.

Alan and I take walks a few times a week. And most of the time we have these amazing conversations that lead to me saying, “We should have been recording this! This could have been a podcast!” We’ve never recorded a walk talk, but in this episode we are sharing from a couple of those conversations about contentment and...

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Annual Examen (Isaiah 61)

Jan 04, 2017

(Scroll down to access the free resource)

I have found the practice of the examen to be a priceless and grace-giving one for me. I tend to be a more “glass-half-empty” kind of person, so noticing the grace of God in my recent experience helps me realize just how graced my life actually is.

Typically, I take a moment at the end of my day to reflect on my experience since the morning, looking for ways in which I experienced God’s grace in my life or through my life.

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