Discerning the Transitions that Lead to Transformation

Sep 12, 2019

Many years ago, we found ourselves in an extended season in which we felt like we were moving from transition to transition in our lives. Sometimes it involved outward transitions like new roles or new neighborhoods, but more often, it was a matter of transitions inside of us.

  • Transitions of what was meaningful currently compared to what had been meaningful to us before.
  • Transitions in our experience of God with us or, sometimes, wondering why God didn’t feel as close to us as before.
  • ...
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Podcast 79: Emily P. Freeman - The Next Right Thing

Jun 17, 2019


Our guest today is Publisher’s Weekly bestselling author, Emily P. Freeman. Her latest book is called The Next Right Thing, which just happens to have the same name as her podcast. Through her podcast and books, Emily helps create space for the soul to breathe, offering fresh perspective on the sacredness of our inner life with God.

We talk with Emily about the intersection of decision making and an unhurried life. She shares how she deals with hurry in...

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Podcast 64: Discernment-The Benefits of Looking Back

Dec 17, 2018

This week we "examen" our lives this past year.  This practice of looking back is discernment and can offer great insight into what might be next.

Alan and I take walks a few times a week. And most of the time we have these amazing conversations that lead to me saying, “We should have been recording this! This could have been a podcast!” We’ve never recorded a walk talk, but in this episode we are sharing from a couple of those conversations about contentment and...

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