Overwhelmed by the Waves

Jan 20, 2021

Do you ever feel like the child in the image? You’re just out there trying to enjoy the waves. And all of a sudden a big one comes and crashes into you. Water up your nose, a little discombobulated, you gather yourself and head back out.


This is resilience. Get knocked down, get back up again. Of course, this image is our son, in Hawaii, having fun. But in real life, this dynamic can begin to wear you down.


It’s perfectly fine to decide you don’t want to be hit...

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Being Guided Along Unfamiliar Paths

Jan 13, 2021


A new year hasn’t brought as much change as I’d hoped it might as we came to the end of a hard 2020. What has been your experience? I can’t think of anyone who predicted a year ago what we would be facing and experiencing today. Sometimes I feel like a blind man being led somewhere I’ve never been. Does that sound familiar?


That’s why I was so helped when I recently read one of the prophecies of Isaiah that said something along the same lines:


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Podcast 124: To Hell with the Hustle (Alan with Jefferson Bethke)

May 18, 2020

Alan loved getting the opportunity to talk with a fellow author about the challenge of hurry in our world today. Today, we're sharing his recent conversation with Jeff Bethke, author of To Hell With the Hustle. In today’s episode, you’ll gain insight into how we can reclaim our lives in an overwhelmed, overspent, and overconnected world. 

Jeff is the New York Times bestselling author of Jesus > Religion and It’s Not What You Think. He and his...

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Good and Hard

Dec 11, 2019

Rick Warren once said that life is like the parallel rails of a train track. Just like the two tracks, the good and the hard parts of life often occur at the same time. 

Around the same time as the release of Rick’s Purpose Driven Life, his wife, Kay, was diagnosed with cancer. Two rails in action: the exploding popularity of a book alongside a devastating diagnosis.

You’ve probably noticed this over the course of your own life--the disorientation of incredible grace...

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