Soul Care Groups

Deep Listening.
Powerful Questions.
Sacred Space.

Healing is found in community. ONLINE Soul Care Groups are micro-communities of just five women who journey together for a few months at at time.

Facilitated online by seasoned mentor, Gem Fadling, you'll find the ongoing support you deeply desire.



Soul Care Groups are for you if...

  • You desire to receive and let someone else lead.

  • You long for deeper connection and conversation.

  • You feel alone¬†in your life or work.

  • You are tired¬†and need space to process.

I was so encouraged by the depth of sharing by each of these beautiful women. Gem truly has a gift in fostering a safe place that nurtures inner most feelings and insights to be shared among women who have never met. So grateful! (Gayle S.)

Each time we meet (via Zoom) we will:

  • Try on a spiritual practice
    Learn to become present.
  • Engage in formational conversation
    Discuss themes from the I CAN DO THAT podcast.
  • Learn to hold space
    Intentionally care for one another through active listening.
  • Journey together
    Practice process.

Details & Pricing


--> SIZE: Each group is comprised of 4-5 women.


--> TIMING: Each Zoom meeting is 1 hour, 5 sessions, for 3 months.


--> DATES: We will meet Tuesday or Wednesday afternoons (Pacific Time). Exact dates and times to be determined. Next session runs February - April 2024 (5 sessions in 3 months).


--> PRICE: $375 for five sessions.

Meet Gem Fadling

Your new Soul Care Coach


IT IS IN COMMUNITY THAT WE ARE SEEN AND HEARD. This can lead to even deeper wholeness.

With the heart of a spiritual director and the tools of a coach, I will help you explore your relationship with God and others as you learn to live and lead from the overflow of a full soul.

With 30 years of experience in the spiritual formation stream, it is my great joy to facilitate sacred space for women to feel safe and seen.


FOUR WOMEN who hold space for one another under the experienced guidance of Gem Fadling.

  • Intentional presence.

  • Focused care.

  • Relational belonging..



I was grateful to find others in our group who shared similar challenges and desires for transformation. Gem guided us through our sessions with love, grace and humor as we pursued spiritual growth together. (Jane C.)


Gem is the perfect guide for weary souls seeking refreshment with the Lord. Her welcoming, cheerful, and gentle presence helps us to put our guards down and feel safe. She also has a wealth of experience to share from her own journey with God that helps newbies or experienced seekers discern the movements of the Spirit. (Kate K.)


What a gift to have a safe place to articulate your inner [life] and be heard, without judgment. (Susan B.)


Gem has a gentle and wise way of encouraging the deeper exploration of the soul as we move closer to God. The willing, faithful and beautiful women I have met in this process are surely the icing on the cake. (Terri C.)


It was especially nice to process with a small group of like-minded and kind women. Although we started out as strangers, with Gem’s guidance and example, we quickly connected with each other. (Liz B.)