How Can Love Relieve Decision Fatigue?

Do you ever suffer from decision fatigue? I have been feeling it more often lately.


Think about how many decisions we have to make:


One set of decisions: What house do I live in? What city do I move to? What job do I take? Where are my kids go to school? Where should I retire?


Another set of decisions: Who do I vote for? What is my involvement with social justice? How do I manage the ongoing dynamics of the pandemic?


And what about the mundane overwhelm of trying to choose between the multiple options of toothpaste, cereal, bread and what shirt I’m going to wear today?


Because of the complexity of this year, let alone the trajectory of our lives and culture, maybe it’s better to start thinking even smaller and more simple than daily. What about this moment?


Yes, we will continue to engage our life and make the decisions that are listed above. But when we are feeling pressed down and overwhelmed, it can be good to break it all down into smaller chunks. The smallest of which is this moment.


In the Great Commandment, God actually did give us a filter through which to make many of our decisions. Love God and love others as ourselves.


Deep down most of us intuitively know what it means to be loving. We know what it looks like. We know what it feels like. And the time for receiving and giving love is in this moment. The moment you are currently living.


Right now. What is happening as you are reading this? What are you in the midst of? What does love look like right now within it. Even a 30-second pause can help you pivot your heart toward God, toward love.


When God chose to describe himself to us he chose one word, “love.” “God is love.” God could have chosen any number of words. But love is what God chose. Yes, it’s really that simple. One thing…love.


So let’s experiment right now, in this moment, as you are reading this:



  • Right where you are.


  • Take a deep breath.


  • Say out loud, “God is love.”


  • God is loving you right now. Receive.


  • What feelings arise? What thoughts arise?


  • How does God’s love inform what happens next?


  • How can love help calm and simplify your decision fatigue in this moment?


  • Linger for a moment.


  • What is God inviting you to?


The great commandment is simple. God did not complicate things. We complicate things. This is the one thing: Love God. Love others as you love yourself.


What is one small, simple and gracious step you can take into the next moment?


It’s been a complicated year. Let’s keep it simple. In love.


Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash


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