I Can Do That!

blog change i can do that icdt invitation process Sep 15, 2021

Fun news! My new podcast launched two days ago, on September 13! Today, I’m sharing a bit about the podcast, and I hope you’ll listen and subscribe.


My podcast is called I Can Do That! and I invite you to join me at the intersection of grounded optimism and practical spirituality.


Grounded optimism means that our feet are firmly planted on the ground. We are unafraid to acknowledge what is actually occurring in us and around us. And we combine that with unshakeable hope that goodness can grow in the soil of our very real lives.


Practical spirituality can be described as combining the best parts of my  role as both a spiritual director and a spiritual life coach.


As a spiritual director, I believe:


  • God is already at work. I simply walk alongside you on your journey.
  • What you need is already inside of you.
  • You are an individual whose life and journey are worthy of honor and respect. You get to choose what you think, believe, and do.


As a spiritual life coach, I believe:


  • In practical possibilities that look and feel like you.
  • You are capable of discerning what’s next.
  • You can look at the whole picture and break it down into manageable parts.
  • You can move forward one simple step at a time.


Undergirding all of this are three holy assumptions:


  • God is real.
  • God is love.
  • God is not elsewhere.


This makes all of our work invitational and doable, two of my favorite dynamics.


So, buckle up. We are going on the ride of our lives. You can grow. You can change. And you can do it all at the pace of transformation.


Join me on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts.



  • Take a moment to re-read the 10 bullet points above.
  • Which phrase strikes you right now?
  • What does it make you feel?