ICDT #10: Lessons from Nature

i can do that icdt lessons nature time with god unhurried time with god Nov 01, 2021

Without question, there is one spiritual practice that has been the most central to my soul’s formation. In fact, I have been engaging this practice for over half my life and I have not experienced it the same way twice. 


Here at Unhurried Living we call it Unhurried Time with God. But it is classically known as solitude and silence. I realize the term solitude and silence might sound a little daunting or intimidating. But really, it’s simply a matter of setting aside some extended time (one or more hours) to place yourself into attentive, receptive mode in God’s presence. It's a time to remind yourself you are a human being and not a human doing. But mostly it’s a time to be open to God’s love. 


Next week I’ll offer part two of this conversation so I can share with you the nuts and bolts of how you might engage Unhurried Time with God. But today I just want to share a personal story of one encounter I experienced, how it unfolded, and the insights I gained. It’s good to remember that no two Unhurried Time’s with God are the same. The agenda is not ours to determine. We simply make the time, choose the location, and remain open to God’s presence. This is simply one story of many I could tell as I did just that.