ICDT #28: An Easter Week Reflection

easter holy week i can do that icdt lent reflection Apr 11, 2022


If you are in deep pain and are waiting in the process, Holy Saturday is the day on the church calendar when you are deeply, lovingly acknowledged. Waiting is real. The loss is real.

The disciples did not know about the resurrection to come the next day. They only knew their grief and loss.

We are here and now. We know how the story continues. Resurrection did come. But today we will sit in the unknowing, the loss, the confusion.

Let yourself be seen in this place. Give yourself permission to grieve. It's ok to await resurrection, but don't miss the beauty of the waiting.

Since this is Holy Week, I’m walking us briefly through the three movements of this weekend.

Dying. Waiting. Rising.


You can read and download this episode on the Unhurried Living blog so you can follow along and reflect on each day Holy Week.