ICDT #31: Be a Ticket Holder to Your Own Life

beloved child of god confidence i can do that icdt self doubt May 02, 2022


Wherever I go, do I act as though I should be there or am I held back by self-doubt? Do I enter with holy confidence or am I hamstrung by fear? Do I engage with assured presence or am I pressed down by anxiety?


What if a “Beloved child of God” ticket was in my hand and I could use it at will. Like an eternal park hopper pass at Disneyland. Or like a never-ending entrance to the Cathedral in Florence.


Of course, I don’t need to wonder—because I am a beloved child of God. Jesus assures me of this. It isn’t in question.


How about this: the next time you stand on the threshold of a new opportunity, and fear raises its ugly head, look down into your hand and see your “Beloved child of God” ticket. Then proceed to enter in like any ticket holder would.


The next time you need to set a healthy boundary, look down into your hand, see your ticket, remember you are loved, and then continue to make your way.


The next time you want to enter more deeply into an unhurried way of life, and anxiety about your value-apart-from-production pops up, notice the ticket in your hand, and move forward.


Confidence in my belovedness can be at least as sure as when I hold a ticket to a concert and I know I’ll get in the door.


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