ICDT #74: What is the Quality of Your Life?

i can do that quality of life reset Jun 05, 2023


During the first few months of this year I was in a season that one of my pastor’s helped me to name as “reset.” Prior to that I was rumbling along at an accelerated pace and I came to realize it was too much for me. My body and soul spoke loudly at the same time and said, “Enough!”


A while back I was sharing with my spiritual director about this reset, a big shift I feel occurring in this, my 59th year of my life. The big 6-0 is looming ahead of me in early 2024 and it's giving me pause. 


I still feel young and vibrant inside, and I know that age is just a number, and yet there is no doubt about it--I will be entering the final third of my life.


So this week we are talking about the quality of our life. Have we lived how we want to live - both for ourselves and for God.