ICDT 75: The Prime of Life

i can do that prime of life strength Jun 19, 2023


A few months ago a semi-prominent newscaster made a flippant comment about women over 50 not being in their prime. He gave examples from a google search that said women in their twenties and thirties are in their prime. Of course, being a woman over 50, I had some very strong feelings about this dismissive statement.


I wanted to say something via social media or email in real time about his comment, but decided not to enter the fray of reactive dialogue.


But time passed, and I forgot about the newscaster’s comment, until recently when I saw a movie in which a man spoke endearingly to a woman over 50, “You look like you’re in your prime to me.” A sweet and heartfelt statement at just the right time in their story.


So I thought about the word “prime” again. What does that even mean? I looked it up. This is where we’re headed…