Podcast 129: Attachment to God (Alan and Gem with Jim Wilder, Renovated)

Christian faith has often focused on right beliefs and right choices as the key to personal growth. But biblical evidence and modern brain science show that our character is shaped more by whom we love than merely by what we believe. 

In Renovated, Jim Wilder shows us how we can train our brains to relate to God based on joyful, mutual attachment, leading to emotional and spiritual maturity, as our identity and character are formed by our relationship with God. 

Dr. Jim Wilder is a neurotheologian, training leaders and counselors for over 30 years on five continents. The found of Life Model Works, he is an expert on the intersection of theology and brain science. He is coauthor of Rare Leadership and Living from the Heart Jesus Gave You. Connect with his work at: https://lifemodelworks.org


You can also access the first chapter of Dr. Wilder's book, Renovated: God, Dallas Willard and the Church that Transforms HERE.


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