Podcast 137: Growing Deep Leadership Roots (Alan with Jerome Daley)

gravitas leader leaderhip podcast Aug 24, 2020

Many of you who listen to this podcast are leaders in business, church, nonprofit and other organizational settings. Others of you may not have a leadership title, but you live a leadership life…a life of influence. Today’s episode is going to help a lot. I’m talking with Jerome Daley, author of the book Gravitas: The Monastic Rhythms of Healthy Leadership about where spiritual depth and authority in leadership come.

These continue to be challenging days for Christian leaders. Gem and I have had to be quite nimble in our own work as our travel and speaking calendar evaporated in one week back in March. Your life and work have probably changed pretty dramatically as well. In today’s episode, I’ll be exploring how the classic commitments and disciplines of monastic spirituality can especially serve us in these times. I’m not talking about something detached from the hard realities of life. I’m talking about a way to lean into Reality (capital “R”) in the midst of what’s happening around us. 

Let me tell you a bit about Jerome Daley before I share our recent conversation: 

He is an executive coach, retreat leader, and spiritual trainer who is passionate about helping men and women thrive, in their inner life and outer leadership. With 30 years in people development, Jerome strengthens leaders in the journey toward true identity and vocational calling.

 Making his home in the mountains of North Carolina, he and his wife Kellie are parents of three grown children. His great delights are taking spiritual retreats, drinking good wine, backpacking in the mountains, and playing with his grandson.

Connect with Jerome at:

Side note, to connect with Jerome for an appointment, you have the pleasure of talking directly to him.  He uses the phone to connect / schedule interviews versus email!