Podcast 152: A Creative Process for Spiritual Growth: Inviso (Gem with Brenda Renderos)

breath prayer inviso podcast practice visual Dec 07, 2020

We live in a visual culture. Just a few years ago the Internet Trends Report shared that an average of 1.8 billion images were uploaded to the internet daily. That adds up to 657 billion photos in one year. Every two minutes, people take more photos than existed in total 150 years ago.

With all of that imagery floating through our consciousness every day, how might we use intentional imagery to grow closer to God? If a picture is worth a thousand words, is it also conducive to prayer?

I’m welcoming Brenda Renderos on the podcast today. Brenda has been kind enough to “interview” me about Inviso. And I am also going to interact with her about how she uses Inviso in her own life. 

Brenda Renderos is a spiritual mentor with a degree in Christian Studies and 13 years of experience including ministry leadership, soul care, speaking and teaching, as well as guiding interns exploring vocational ministry. Brenda sees the immense need for soul care and spiritual formation and she's devoted her life to growing and sharing in this area. She also greatly enjoys life with her husband and their three kids. You can catch her on Instagram @brenrenderos.

To get an idea of how to use INVISO, download a sample of Gem's INVISO cards with reflection questions.  You can always order a set HERE.