A spiritual practice using contemplative imagery.

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A creative process for spiritual growth

We live in a visual culture. Inviso enables you to engage with God through prayerful imagery.

Inviso combines beautiful photography and thoughtful reflection questions.

Engage with God in a fresh and inspiring way.

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Personal Use

Use Inviso for soulful reflection, meditative prayer or as a journal starter.

Group Use

Inviso can inspire creative and thoughtful sharing in small groups or leadership teams.

Professional Use

Spiritual Directors, Coaches, Therapists, & Pastors can use Inviso to open up deeper soul conversations.

Your Inviso Set Includes

  • 20 art quality, UV coated image cards. (Print edition only)
  • 3 Reflection questions on the back of each card. (Total of 60 questions).
  • Instructions with ideas for personal, professional and group use.
  • Background story about the birth of Inviso from Gem Fadling.
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A soulful way to pray. Purchase your set today. (If you are outside the U.S.A, please purchase the ebook. We do not ship internationally.)


CARD SET - $17.95



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