Podcast 166: Growing in Empathy (Gem with Kristi Gaultiere)

empathy podcast soul care soul shepherding Mar 15, 2021

Empathy. This is a much needed and seemingly ignored dynamic in cultural conversations. However, today we are going to bring it down to the personal…our own lives. What is empathy? Why is it important for us and our relationships? How does empathy factor into our relationship with God? 

Today I chat with my dear friend, Kristi Gaultiere who is an expert on empathy. Not only by training, but by giftedness and lifestyle. Practicing empathy and caring comes naturally to her and I benefit from her attuned heart. I can’t wait for you to learn from her today. 

Kristi is a Psychotherapist and spiritual mentor to women pastors and pastors’ wives. She co-leads Soul Shepherding with her husband, Bill. As a pastor’s wife, mother, and ministry professional, Kristi offers empathy and wisdom from her experience personally and as a therapist who has spent many thousands of hours caring for people. Kristi enjoys speaking, training, teaching, consulting, counseling, and retreat leading with Bill as well as recording their weekly “Soul Talks”.

Connect with Kristi in a variety of ways:
Facebook @kristi.gaultiere
Instagram @kristigaultiere or @soulshepherding