Podcast 167: Nine Questions for Spiritual Leaders (Alan with Tim Morey)

church church planting dark night of the soul planting a church podcast Mar 22, 2021

We’ve often said on this podcast that who you are as a leader makes all the difference in the fruitfulness of what you do as a leader. Two people can do the exact same bit of work with very different outcomes. Even little bits of work done with great love can bear more fruit than huge gatherings or impressive performances. For the Christian leader, the trajectory of our lives is in the direction of living and leading more and more in the spirit—in the way—of Jesus. 

Today, I’m talking with a fellow leader and friend, Tim Morey, about his recently released book titled Planting a Church Without Losing Your Soul. Maybe you’re a church planter. If so, this episode is going to be a bullseye for you.  

But even if you aren’t leading or participating in a church plant, you’re going gain a great deal of insight into how we become the sorts of women and men who can engage in the work of God more fruitfully and powerfully. Of that I’m confident. 

Tim Morey was born in San Diego where he embraced Christ at an early age, left the church as a teen, and was re-captured by the love of Jesus during college. Prior to planting Life Covenant Church, he served in college ministries in San Diego and Los Angeles. Tim and his wife, Samantha, are proud parents of two daughters, Abigail and Hannah. 

In addition to the book we’re talking about today, Tim is author of Embodying Our Faith: Becoming a Living, Sharing, Practicing Church and a contributor to two other titles on church planting. He serves on the national church planting team for the Evangelical Covenant Church and as an adjunct professor at Fuller Seminary.

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