Podcast 176: Embodying our Faith (Gem with Sarah Panther)

chronic illness embodiment faith podcast May 24, 2021

The connection between our minds and our bodies is undeniable. And even though the scientific world confirms this, practically speaking, we don’t always know how to make the most of this God-designed connection. Our guest today is Sarah Panther and she is going to talk about this connection by sharing her story of ongoing chronic illness and how she has moved to greater healing. Welcome to the Unhurried Living Podcast. 

Sarah Jackson Panther is a health coach and writer. She works with people navigating journeys of grief, trauma recovery, chronic illness, and limbic system retraining and writes about finding hope and healing in the darkness. She’s also the creator of an online healing movement class, called “Release, Rewire, and Restore,” designed to help participants release stored trauma, rewire their brains, and step into soulful restoration. You can learn more about her class and coaching at and can connect with her on Instagram and Facebook as Sarah Jackson Panther.