Podcast 188: Introducing the I Can Do That! Podcast

announcement change podcast Aug 16, 2021

Growth is good. This is one of our undercurrent beliefs here at Unhurried Living. So I am excited to share with you that this podcast is growing, or I guess I should say, multiplying! We’re going to give you all the details right here and right now.

The Unhurried Living podcast has been coming at you for four years now. It has been our privilege to provide content to encourage and inspire. And we’ve enjoyed interviewing so many amazing people about such important topics. Well, all this goodness is just going to get better. 

Starting in September, we will be offering two podcasts instead of one! Alan is going to continue to host this Unhurried Living Podcast and it will focus even more specifically on unhurried leadership. I’ll be starting a brand new podcast called I Can Do That! and that’s what we’re going to talk about today.