UL Podcast 197: Productivity and Our Hurried Souls

busyness hurry podcast productivity soul care Oct 18, 2021

Today, I’m sharing a great conversation I had recently with my friends, Jeb Shore and John Freeman about how our obsession with productivity impacts the level of hurry in our souls. In An Unhurried Life, I wrote a chapter titled “Productivity: Unhurried Isn’t Lazy,” in part, to speak to this tendency to make assumptions about what makes our lives productive. The irony is that my over-busyness is more often a sign of a lazy soul that it is of a productive day.


The title, “Productivity and Our Hurried Souls” refer to something from An Unhurried Life, where Alan asked a question along these lines: “How productive is overwork anyway?” The point was that sometimes busy does not equate with productivity. We share some examples about how busy doesn’t always end up being as fruitful as we hope it will be?