UL Podcast 198: A Spacious Life (Ashley Hales)

an unhurried life daily rhythms fruitful living podcast spacious living Oct 25, 2021

In today’s episode, Alan speaks with Ashley Hales about her new book A Spacious Life. You’ll hear a lot of intersections between her good thoughts here and Alan’s first book, An Unhurried Life. Alan’s book had a title focused on time. Ashley’s book has a title focused on space. But they are both talking about the great challenge and cost of hurry, and God’s invitation to live our lives at the slower and more fruitful pace of God’s kingdom.


Ashley Hales is a writer, speaker, and host of the Finding Holy podcast. She is the author of Finding Holy in the Suburbs and her writing has been featured in Christianity TodayBooks & Culture, and The Gospel Coalition. Ashley is married to a pastor and the mother to four children.