Podcast 21: Practicing the Presence of God in Real Life

podcast praying scripture presence of god scripture spiritual practice unhurried living Oct 29, 2017

How can we step off the treadmill of busyness and make real progress toward true productivity? Where can we find space for our souls to breathe? We try filling our lives with achievements, possessions and recognition but can end up feeling emptier than ever. Where can we find real fullness? Many of us are hurried, and hurry is costing us more than we realize.

We’re here to help you become more present to God, to yourself and others, and to live from fullness rather than running on empty. Your life and work will become more productive, more sustainable and more satisfying. Together, we’ll learn to rest deeper, live fuller and lead better.

Today we are going to talk about practicing the presence of God in the midst of our real, and sometimes busy, lives. First by looking at Psalm 84, then we’ll move into the Stages of Competence, and, finally, ending up with seven practical tips for taking 5 minutes to become present in the middle of a busy day.

If you want to read the transcripts for this podcast, you can access the content here:

Psalm 84: The Presence of God
Presence and the Stages of Competence
Take Five: 22 Simple ways to Enjoy God's Presence

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