UL Podcast #212: The Ninefold Path of Jesus (Mark Scandrette)

experience jesus joy peace podcast sermon on the mount Mar 21, 2022

Today, Alan shares a conversation he had a while back with Mark Scandrette about  his book, The Ninefold Path of JesusIn it, he shares his experience of seeking to live more deeply and faithfully into the nine beatitudes that begin what some call Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. In his book, Mark shares a beautiful vision of what it might look like if we practiced the beatitudes as a way of following Jesus more closely and faithfully. 


We love how Mark casts a vision for the kind of life Jesus considers blessed. So often, the culture around us suggests that the good life is in achieving more, or acquiring more, or impressing more people. But Jesus seems to say that a life of abundant goodness is found somehow in 


 more like him. He lived an abundant life. His way of treating people was remarkable. He was full of love, of joy, of peace, of all the things we seek. It’s good when we let Jesus define what a good life for us would be like. 


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