Podcast 213: When We Get in Our Own Way

habits lead podcast resist resistance what does your soul love Mar 28, 2022

Today, Alan shares a recent conversation with his wife and partner in Unhurried Living, Gem, and their friend Matt Fogle, about the chapter on “Resistance” in What Does Your Soul Love? The key question that frames that chapter is, “What is getting in your way?” 

We’re tempted that the main things that get in our way are out there somewhere. We assume that if other people were more cooperative, things would be dramatically better for us. But so often the main things that get in our own way actually arises from within us. We have old habits of getting what we want and need without much reference to God. There are still remnants of practical atheism embedded in these habits. 


We really think you’re going to find this episode helpful as you continue to make your way forward on the transforming journey on which Christ has invited you.

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