UL Podcast #214: The Soul of Desire (Curt Thompson, MD)

beauty belonging community desire podcast soul Apr 04, 2022

Today Alan is chatting with Curt Thompson, MD about his latest book The Soul of Desire. He found so many intersections with what he and Gem have been learning in their journey towards wholeness and vitality in their life in God. In this book, Curt talks about the place of desire in our lives, how desire can sometimes get hijacked, but how desire can be a holy motive and energy that moves us toward the beautiful life of God he has always intended for us. 


Curt Thompson is a board-certified psychiatrist, founder of Being Known, an organization that develops resources for hope and healing at the intersection of neuroscience and Christian spiritual formation, and host of Being Known Podcast. In addition to The Soul of Desire, he is also the author of The Soul of Shame and Anatomy of the Soul.


You can connect with Curt on social media on Instagram and Facebook.