UL Podcast #222: Spiritual Practices for Families (Justin W. Earley)

common rule family podcast spiritual practices Jul 18, 2022

Alan shares his conversation with Justin Whitmel Earley about his latest book Habits of the Household. A few years ago, we shared a conversation about his first book, the award-winning Common Rule (you can go back to episode 72 to listen to that conversation).


Justin's book extends his insights into a personal rule of life into how to cultivate a rule of life for a family. At the time he wrote the book, he and his wife, Lauren, had three young boys and another on the way. What he writes has plenty of insight for households of many kinds as Holy habits extend from personal practice to community practice. 


Justin Whitmel Earley is a writer, speaker, and lawyer from Richmond, Virginia, and the author of the award-winning book on habits and spiritual formation, The Common Rule. But most of all, Justin is a dad who is married to Lauren and spends a lot of time wrestling his four young boys. 


Connect with Justin on IG @justinwhitmelearley