UL Podcast #249: Sage: Flourishing in the Second Half of Life (Chris Bruno)

counseling god's grace podcast spiritual wisdom toxic narratives Apr 17, 2023

There is a lot being said these days about toxic versions of masculinity. What I’ve sometimes wondered is at least some of this about men growing older without growing in grace and wisdom. It’s why I’m grateful to be talking with Chris Bruno about his book Sage: A Man’s Guide Into His Second Passage. And for the women in our listening community, I believe you’ll gain wisdom for your own journey, as well as for the men in your life. 


Chris Bruno is the Co-Founder and CEO of Restoration Project and Founder and CEO of ReStory® Counseling, devoting his life to helping people come alive. In addition to Sage, he is author of Man Maker Project: A Father's Guide to Initiating His Son to Manhood and Brotherhood Primer: A Journey Into Genuine Masculine Friendships. Chris is a licensed professional counselor with decades of experience helping men recover their hearts. Married for 27 years to his wife, Beth, they have three mostly adult children and enjoy adventures in the Colorado mountains or overseas whenever possible.