UL #301: Overcoming Hurry Sickness: The Virus of Overwork (Alan)

hurry sickness overwork podcast presence of god productivity Jun 24, 2024

In my book, An Unhurried Life, I wrote a chapter titled “Productivity: Unhurried Isn’t Lazy,” in part, to speak to our tendency to assume that productivity is always about doing more and more and more. But what if true productivity is, at least in part, about doing qualitatively better work, even if it seems less busy than before? 


There is a cultural bias for always staying busy. I’m sharing the last of three episodes about sources of hurry in our lives. In the first two, I talked about how anxiety and insecurity are significant contributors, motors, or even viruses for hurry in our lives. 


Today, I’ll talk about overwork as a third virus of hurry that is epidemic in our current context.