Podcast 57: Listening Prayer: Living in the Remembered Companionship of Christ

companion companionship jesus listening podcast prayer Sep 09, 2018


Are you hungry to hear from God? Do you long for a closer, more conversational relationship with him? Today we are talking about how Jesus offers a personal invitation to listen to his voice and live in a remembered companionship of Christ.

God’s Spirit gives God’s people real, workable, useful knowledge—if they will listen. He desires to teach us how to live—really live—and to live well. God is speaking to us by his Spirit to give us counsel and insight we need to live our lives and do our work well.

When we “set our hearts” or “set our minds” on things above, I don’t think Paul is saying, “Be always thinking God ideas” or “having God feelings.” I think he’s saying something closer to “live in the remembered companionship of Christ.” I’m being invited to remember that He is always with me and I am always with Him.

Something dramatic happens when we trust Him and entrust ourselves to Him. Something dies, and a real, hidden life begins. My life does not consist in the obvious realities around me down here. I learn to live my life on two planes at once.

Christ is my life. What a profound, simple statement. It doesn’t say that He gives me life, but that He is my life. I am alive with and in Him.

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