Podcast 66: Four Common Barriers to Leadership Effectiveness

anxiety barriers fear leadership obstacles podcast self doubt unhurried Jan 14, 2019

In this episode, we’re talking about four common barriers to leadership effectiveness. As a new year presents plenty of opportunities, it also presents common obstacles that get in the way of making, real productive progress.

These aren’t the only four barriers to leading well, but they are four big ones. And these insights aren’t just for people with very visible leadership roles or positions. We see leadership as a much larger category than that. Leadership is about holy and fruitful initiative in life as well as in work.

The four barriers are:

- Anxiety
- Fear
- Self-doubt
- Insecurity

We will unpack these barriers using the following questions:

- What does this barrier look like in my life and work?
- How does it hinder my progress?
- What does it look like when I overcome or move through it? What is the alternative movement to each one?

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