Podcast 77: Refreshing our Vision of Time: Dealing With Hurry Sickness

hurry sickness podcast priorities time unhurried living vision Jun 03, 2019

Today we share with you a note from a leader in her mid-30s: I struggle to set priorities. It feels as though there is a lot to juggle between raising children, nurturing my marriage, training others, participating in a missional community, working with refugees, serving at church, managing my home, extra-curricular activities, etc. - and still have time to pursue physical and spiritual health. I know that these are important but just what balance is optimal?

I don’t know about you, but I got tired just reading that list. My guess is many of you can relate to this person’s life. But is balance the goal? How do you decide how to prioritize your life? And are these even the right questions to begin with?