Restoration, Grace and Salvation

Restoration, grace and salvation are all words of good news. Don’t we need a bit of good news these days? There has been so much hard news over the last year.


I caught a vision for these words thanks to a prolific songwriter in the days of King David. He was a sort of musician-in-residence in those days because of his grace and skill. Listen to this chorus from one of his psalms:


Restore us, God Almighty;

              make your face shine on us,

              that we may be saved. (vs. 3, 7, 19).


What might it sounds like for you to make Asaph’s song prayer your own? 


“O Lord, you are so powerful. Restore me. Make me all that you meant for me to be. It will never happen if it’s left to me, but your generous and empowering presence could do it. May the reality of your shining smile towards me renovate my life into the beautiful image of God I see in the face of Jesus. May I in this way be saved in every way I need to be. You know better than me. Amen.”


For Reflection:

Does one of the lines in this prayer catches your imagination. Is there something you’d like to ask God for in the spirit of these lines? Why not take a moment to take the risk?


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Photo by Soundtrap on Unsplash


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