Staying on Our Transforming Journey

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Our new book, What Does Your Soul Love?, finally releases next week, September 17. It’s been a long journey and we can’t wait for you to get your hands on it. At the center of the book is God’s invitation to us to “be transformed.” This kind of change is good news, even if it sometimes feels challenging, scary, even painful.

How do we stay on this transforming journey? What does it look like when we get stuck along the way? How might we continue to cooperate with God’s gracious invitation to “be transformed”? One of the things we’ve learned about staying on and leaning into this journey of transformation is something pretty simple. Here’s how we put it in the book:

“It will be very difficult to embark (and remain) on a journey of transformation if we do not have confidence that we are already loved as we currently are. We don’t change so that we’ll be loved more by God. We are measurelessly loved by God, so we are free and enabled to change in all the ways we long for. (What Does Your Soul Love?, p. 7).

We don’t change so we’ll be loved. We are loved and so we can change. The secure place where we can take the personal steps into the new places God’s work is inviting us into is the place of our deep confidence in God’s reliable and ever-present care for us.

The home in which we can make our way along the pathway of transformation is in the secure care of a very Good Shepherd in whom we really shall not find ourselves in a condition of want.

God wants to restore your life by transforming it into the beautiful image of his beloved Son. God is determined to finish this very good work that is already started. Wouldn’t your soul really love to cooperate more fully with this good work?

Questions for Reflection

  • Where have you felt stuck at times in your own journey of transformation?
  • What changes have you felt hungry for but haven’t seen much movement in your life?
  • Take a moment for prayer, asking God to shine a light on what a next step in the presence of his unfailing love you might be invited to take with God.

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Photo by Artsy Vibes on Unsplash