Take Five: 22 Simple Ways to Enjoy God’s Presence

download free ebook gratitude presence thankful Dec 13, 2016

At Unhurried Living, we seek to inspire Christian leaders around the world to rest deeper so they can live fuller and lead better.

Rest deeper. How does that happen?

There is certainly more than one answer to that question, but let's just say that it doesn’t always involve days away for retreat or vacation. Sometimes “rest deeper” can happen in just a few minutes. It’s a focus of soul, not just an emptying of our schedule.

In a recent article in Prevention magazine, a woman reported on her experiment of taking a five-minute break (including a break from her mobile phone) every work day for a month.

She shared that rather than taking away from her well-being or productivity, both were improved. That’s been our experience as well. Tunnel-vision drivenness at work may keep us busy, but it’s no guarantee of productivity. It may prove to be just the opposite.

We were not created to be “always on.” Creation works best in rhythms of work and rest, engagement and disengagement, being “on” and being “off.”

Our culture tends to affirm only the “on” side of that rhythm. This is where the genius of Jesus comes in to teach us how to live—how to really live. He wants us to learn how to both inhale and exhale in our engagement with him in the work of our lives.

In view of this, we’ve produced a very useful (and free) resource called “Take Five: 22 Simple Ways to Enjoy God’s Presence.” Download it below.

You might not find a better investment in your everyday than to “take five” and enjoy God.

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