What Does Your Soul Love?

Sep 18, 2019

When asked to choose between one or the other, would you prefer to ask questions…or to have answers? Most of us would readily admit that we like answers. And as soon as possible, thank you very much.

However, as spiritual directors, Alan and I are accustomed to asking questions and then not striving for answers right away. Sometimes a good work is actually accomplished inside of us as we hold the questions—to linger with them and let them be answered in layers. 


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Start with the Ending

Jan 09, 2019

Happy New Year! I’ve been enjoying the holiday season this last month, including some time with extended family. A few days ago I was having a conversation with my mother-in-law about end-of-life decisions. She is 78 and so it is appropriate to be thinking about, and planning for, such things.

In addition, Alan and I had an appointment with our financial planner and he raised these kinds of questions with us—What about your will? Who has access to it? Does your family know what...

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Podcast 18: Suanne Camfield (The Sound of a Million Dreams)

Sep 18, 2017

Today, I talk with Suanne Camfield, author of The Sound of Million Dreams: Awakening to Who You are Becoming. You'll enjoy our engaging conversation on the themes of:


This is the passage from Suanne's book that made me want to talk with her:

"...the stirring was a moment: an awareness of the holy in the midst of the every day that simultaneously brought clarity and chaos to my space in the world. A feeling: of perpetual pressing, pushing, and pulling...

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