Rehearsing Grace

Dec 30, 2020

I’ve said many times before, both in what I’ve written and spoken, that I grew up with the habit of seeing the cup half empty. I don’t know all the reasons for this. Some of it may be temperament. Some of it may be learned. It doesn’t matter much how it came to be. What matters is what I’d like to do about that in my life now as a follower of Jesus.


My pessimism has, at least at times, been rooted in remembering and rehearsing what I think went wrong in...

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A Few Insights About Perspective

Sep 30, 2020

In our book, What Does Your Soul Love?, I shared the story of how I was learning photography at the same time as I was in the midst of a dark night of the soul.


At the time, and even still, I carry within me the metaphors of photography as a paradigm for life. There are many connections between photography, presence and perspective. I’ll share three with you today.


LOOK FOR THE LIGHT FIRST. Any skilled photographer will tell you that light is the most important factor in...

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Contentment - Take in the View

Apr 03, 2019

I have been living in my home for about 20 years, and, I am embarrassed to say, I have been disgruntled with it for most of that time. My complaints have been many. It has always felt too small. The style is that of a lifeless 70s tract home. When we first moved in, it had white walls and gray carpet. Boring. I disliked the walls, the carpet, the finishes, everything. There was no charm and no personality.

At times, I will sit on the deck outside of our upstairs master bedroom....

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