Cultivating Hope and Confidence: Psalm 71

Apr 10, 2019

Ps 71:5

For you have been my hope, Sovereign Lord,
my confidence since my youth.

I found confidence in God a little over forty years ago. I was seventeen then. I’m fifty-eight today. Since my teens, my confidence in God has grown. What was a set of beliefs that made sense has increasingly become a Person in whom I live and move and have my very existence. I’m so very grateful!

Has this growth in confidence always been a nice steady, upward-trending line? Is it for anyone? I...

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Do I Have To Go There To Be Here?

Mar 20, 2019

Over the course of the last year and a half, as we’ve been writing What Does Your Soul Love?, we have set aside times to get away to focus on the writing. Thanks to generous friends with homes near Duck Creek, UT and Avila Beach, CA, these getaways were fruitful times of thinking and composing. We were really able to sink down into the work and focus.

After our second writing getaway I began to ask the question, “Why can’t I focus like this at home (in my home...

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