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Hurry is costing you more than you realize

• Stress

• Anxiety

• Loneliness

• Escaping

• Numbing

• Exhaustion

• Disillusionment

• Burnout

Great Leadership Grows in the Soil of Good Rest

Experience the goodness of:

  • Healthy Pacing
  • Freedom
  • Perspective
  • Wisdom
  • Creativity
  • Sustainability
  • A With-God Vision of Life
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Many leaders feel the pressures of leadership. We’ve been there too. And we’ve learned how to navigate these places in our own experience.

We are here to serve you. We have felt what you are feeling. Hurried. Anxious. Tired. Lonely. Uninspired. We can help.

We have trained leaders around the world from small local churches to international nonprofits. We’ve been living this life and leading this way for 30 years.

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"The coaching group that Alan curated for us provided a communal slowing that allowed us to see what God is doing. I learned how to pay attention to God’s kingdom narrative in my every day, vocational life. Alan provided practical ways to actually be an unhurried leader, a person who is present, non-frantic and attuned to what God already has in motion. Walking at a similar pace with God is much more enjoyable. The quality of people in our group added greatly to this experience and to have like-minded leaders slowing down together was incredibly life-giving."

John P. Freeman
Director of Grace Discipleship

"What a blessing it has been to share life with these wonderful women as we notice, discern and respond to our thoughts in community. I was grateful to find others in our group who shared similar challenges and desires for transformation. Gem guided us through our sessions with love, grace and humor as we pursued spiritual growth together. My tool chest has been packed to overflowing with soul nurturing resources I can use consistently in my daily walk with God. I leave with a better understanding how, with God's help, I can shift my thinking and be more at peace with life's peaks and valleys."

Jane Couperus
Financial Counselor

"I work with young adults and have seen firsthand how challenging it is to live an unhurried life. Many of us were taught that it’s all about what you do, what you accomplish. So, from a personal point a view, I have enjoyed the work of Unhurried Living. From a professional perspective, I think that it might be some of the most important work of the next generation. To engage people in character formation, not competency creation."

Charles Stoicu

"The thing about Gem is that she is what she teaches. Present, attentive, an amazing listener. She doesn’t talk at us, but speaks as a fellow traveler with us and she has the kind of wisdom and humility of one familiar with rocky paths. I love how deeply she sees and loves every single woman in the room, and is so naturally intentional about affirming each and every one. It’s crystal clear that her life has prepared her for this work."

Linda Parisi
Medical Professional

"The Unhurried Leader Coaching Group has been a place to process my workaholic tendencies. I’ve been given a perspective that is far more comprehensive and meaningful than merely implementing a few different strategies. I’ve seen that I need to change the mindset that is driving my behavior. I can actually live in the grace of God and allow Jesus to set my pace. I need to prayerfully cultivate that posture day in and day out."

Jeb Shore

"Retreats with Alan & Gem Fadling have provided a sacred space to pull away and step into a facilitated solitude of “unhurried” time to listen and reflect in God’s presence with a blank agenda. I inevitably emerge with a refreshed soul, a gladness of heart, deeper love for the One who invites us to ever deeper intimacy, and often surprisingly – a clarity of vision for what I need to do next in providing leadership in my place of vocational calling."

Carol Taylor
President, Evangel University

Many leaders are hurried, and hurry is costing you more than you realize. We provide resources and training to help you become present and learn to lead from fullness rather than leading on empty. You will experience life and work becoming more fruitful, more sustainable and more satisfying.

Within the Community are Two Modules

Unhurried Leaders

Unhurried leadership training and connection for men and women who want to learn together how to lead better with less hurry. We'll learn to slow down and enter into a life of rich fruitfulness–of true productivity.
(1st Thursday Zoom @ 1:00pm Pacific)


Unhurried leadership training and connection for women of influence who long to live from fullness rather than running on empty. Engage with women like you who want to live and lead from the inside out.
(3rd Thursday Zoom at 4:00pm Pacific)

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  • Weekly early access to EXTENDED VIDEO VERSIONS OF OUR PODCAST Interviews with key authors and thought leaders.
  • Ongoing access to a GROWING RESOURCE LIBRARY with downloadable worksheets, and all past audio and video resources.




  • Weekly early access to EXTENDED VIDEO VERSIONS OF OUR PODCAST Interviews with key authors and thought leaders.
  • Ongoing access to a GROWING RESOURCE LIBRARY with downloadable worksheets, and all past audio and video resources.

Learn to live and work better with less hurry.

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