SLOW | A 5-Minute Retreat

invitation retreat slow Jul 22, 2020

How many times are we going to reference COVID-19 this year? Well, at least once more. This many months into COVID-19 and the ever changing restrictions and isolation, we may be beyond done with the dynamics that affect us all.


Today, knowing that we are all in different places emotionally and physically, I simply want to offer a 5-minute retreat called SLOW. Some of you may have already watched this video. It is one of our most popular YouTube videos.


But some of you may not have encountered it yet, and that is why I invite you to watch it today. Yes, we may be sick of being slow and doing less. We may feel tied down during the pandemic. And, yet, inner stillness and slowness is completely different from the outward slowness forced on us.


In the middle of the day, I often find myself with shoulders raised in tension. For me, that is a sign that I am carrying something in a way that is not healthy for me. So I stop, drop my shoulders and try to let go of the things that are weighing me down. The process of SLOW is helpful in this.









The invitation is to take a few minutes, breathe and remember that God is with you. Then notice what is happening in the moment, and consider what stepping forward might look like from that place of presence. That is what SLOWing is about. We hope you will engage this video often to help bring yourself back into the moment.


Please share this video with some friends or colleagues. We bet you know more than one person who could use a 5-minute retreat.


God be with you as you learn to SLOW for a few moments each day.


Photo by Raychan on Unsplash