ICDT #13: Symptoms of Exhaustion

exhaustion i can do that icdt refresh rest Nov 22, 2021

Today, on the I Can Do That Podcast, we’re talking about the symptoms of exhaustion.

It’s easy to miss hints that you might need to ease up and rest. So today I wanted to briefly list a few symptoms that may reveal your level of tiredness.

  1. You find yourself complaining a lot. You’re bugged by everything.
  2. You have a decreased ability to concentrate. Brain fog is diminishing your focus.
  3. You have a shorter fuse. You notice your angry outbursts are increasing or intensifying.
  4. You find that your creativity is waning. The well feels dried up.
  5. You find that your numbing habits are increasing (eating, drinking, shopping, media).

This is not an exhaustive list and these ideas are merely anecdotal and are not prescriptive. Even though there may be a cluster of reasons why you are experiencing these dynamics, tiredness is usually one of them.

Listen to today’s episode which includes 11 very practical ideas for bringing a bit of rest or refreshment into your days.