Podcast 139: The Way of Presence (Alan with Casey Tygrett)

The Way of Presence: The Empowering Reality of God-With-Us launches September 8. Today, I'm sharing here a conversation with my friend and fellow author, Casey Tygrett, about the book and its life-giving message. 

Casey Tygrett is author of the recent Christianity Today award-winning book As I Recall, was able and willing to join me in a conversation about my new book.  I know you'l appreciate how Casey helps get at the heart of what I’ve sought to say through this new book project. 

Jesus being the way, the truth, and the life is more than just a theological fact about him. It is a vital and organic reality. I walk with Jesus as the way. I see myself through the eyes of Jesus as the truth. I live my every moment in communion with Jesus as the life. The Way of Presence will help you enter more deeply into this living reality.

Check out another Unhurried Living podcast with Casey Tygrett on his book "Becoming Curious".

And I’m pleased to say that we’ve been able to make an excerpt of The Way of Presence available to you, our listeners. To get access to this bonus resource, just visit our website at unhurriedliving.com/podcastbonus.

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