Podcast 29: 9 Practical Challenges to Living Less Hurried

anxiety challenge fear guilt multi tasking podcast quiet rest self confidence self discipline unhurried living Jan 07, 2018

Last year we polled our community and asked them a key question: “What is the biggest challenge you face right now in living a more unhurried life?” Living less hurried can be a challenge. We got some great responses.

We arranged the responses into five categories which will be the theme of some of our upcoming episodes. Those themes are:

  • Practical Challenges to Living Less Hurried
  • Dealing with Workplace Stress
  • Inner Distractions & Soul Busyness
  • Keeping First Things First
  • Noticing God in My Busy Life

So that’s why today’s episode is titled “Nine Practical Challenges to Living Less Hurried.” Specifically, these are challenges that arise from within us. They are personal challenges and places of inward wrestling. Maybe you’ll see one of your struggles below. Listen in to see what we have to say about each one.

Nine Challenges to Living Less Hurried

Challenge #1 - Believing that rest and quiet is OK, maybe even good.

Challenge #2 - My belief that I am what I do. This keeps me from focusing on who I am becoming.

Challenge #3 - Developing self-discipline and self-confidence to live an unhurried life.

Challenge #4 - Learning to be patient with myself and trusting Jesus to lead me into an unhurried life that reflects how he lived.

Challenge #5 - Overcoming my guilt when I feel like I’m producing less because I slowed down.

Challenge #6 - The anxiety I feel in uncertain situations.

Challenge #7 - My preference for multi-tasking rather than doing one thing at a time.

Challenge #8 - Knowing how to find quiet for my mind and heart and making contemplative time with God.

Challenge #9 - My fear of looking inward. I stay busy to avoid my issues.

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