The Process of Creativity

Jul 07, 2021

I (Gem) recently turned in the first draft of my second book. Writing is such a weirdly organic dynamic that has its own dramatic progression. Way back at the beginning I gathered some notes, tried to organize them, and even wrote new material for the introduction.


Then I had an idea that shifted me away from my original outline, and I got confused. I could no longer feel or see the form of the book. I was at a standstill. The shape was shifting inside me but I couldn’t grasp it....

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Podcast 174: The Neuroscience of Creativity (Gem with Amy Pierson)

May 10, 2021

Today we find ourselves at the intersection of neuroscience and creativity  with my friend, Amy Pierson. Amy firmly believes that creativity cracks open the soul, each and every one of us is God’s favorite, and living artfully is living authentically.

Amy is a long time friend from the spiritual formation community. We met many years ago and have only been together in person a handful of times, but she is the kind of person that you simply pick up where you left off the last time....

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