A Meaningful Prayer

Apr 07, 2021


I came from a faith tradition that highly valued spontaneous prayers and devalued liturgical prayers. If a prayer arose from one’s own heart and mind, that meant it was real. Praying someone else’s words didn’t seem as genuine.


This preference for extemporaneous prayers is based on the assumption that anything spontaneously arising from my present mindset is actually real. Except sometimes it isn’t. Sometimes what I thought was heartfelt spontaneity was...

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Holy Saturday: The Space In-Between

Apr 20, 2019

In Holy Week, we remember Maundy Thursday and an upper room where Jesus shares a meal with his friends and shows his love by washing their feet. On Good Friday, we remember the suffering and death of Jesus Christ on the cross. On Easter, we celebrate a risen Savior. But on Holy Saturday, we have a tomb. And the tomb at this point in the story isn’t yet empty.

Holy Saturday is the silence between the “It is finished” of Good Friday and the “He is Risen” of Easter...

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The Liturgy of Karen Carpenter

Jun 14, 2017

Shrink wrap. That was the only thing between me and the latest smooth tones of Karen Carpenter. I’d peel the plastic, feel the cover and, with great anticipation, open the album jacket.

If I was lucky, it was a double cover and would open up like a book. Faded images of Karen and her brother, Richard, in the background, words spread from left to right, and I would read every single one.

I’d set the record onto the turntable, place the needle in the first groove, turn it up really...

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