Real women.

Safe conversations.

Lasting change.


In mid-August, on this page, you will be able to sign up for the waitlist. And you'll receive more info on our re-launch. For now, follow Gem on Instagram (@gemfadling). She'll be updating you in August so you'll be in the know!

Restore the gift of "being"

Hi, I’m Gem Fadling

A soul care coach, author and founding partner of Unhurried Living. With 30 years’ experience in spiritual formation, I help women grow by combining grounded optimism with practical spirituality. This effective dynamic will guide you onto the path of discernment so that you can transform your desires into habits. Let’s grow at the pace of transformation.

Gem has the gift of holding space and gently guiding you to new awareness about yourself and your life. Every session I leave feeling more connected to God and myself. She has helped me in my marriage, my relationship with my parents and in my business. Her coaching and spiritual guidance have been life changing. Her prayers, affirmations and words of wisdom are with me daily. I feel changed on the deepest level because of her support.

Morgan Washnevsky
Coach & Dance Therapist

Gem is the perfect guide for weary souls seeking refreshment with the Lord. Her welcoming, cheerful, and gentle presence helps us to put our guards down and feel safe. She also has a wealth of experience to share from her own journey with God that helps newbies or experienced seekers discern the movements of the Spirit.

Kate Kim
Payroll Coordinator

The group coaching sessions with Gem and the other ladies has been an oasis for the soul. I feel stronger, more confident, connected to the family of God, and more adventurous. Simply knowing I’m not alone on this journey has spurred me onward. It has been a deep privilege knowing every one of these ladies.

Beverly Hudson
Spiritual Mentor

My participation in group coaching with Gem has been a true blessing.  Gem has a gentle and wise way of encouraging the deeper exploration of the soul as we move closer to God. The willing, faithful and beautiful women I have met in this process bring an authentic breadth to this experience.

Terri Carter
Adult Discipleship Coordinator, Solana Beach Presbyterian Church

Gem truly has a gift in fostering a safe place that nurtures inner most feelings and insights to be shared among women who have never met. So grateful!

Gayle Sahlin
Project Manager